Martial Arts Class Rallies Behind Crying Boy Who Failed To Break Wooden Board

A touching video of a martial arts student is going viral this week, and it’s touching the hearts of people from all over the world.

The video shows a little boy named Phoenix Swonger, who is a student at Bobby Dixon’s American Martial Arts Academy in Orlando, Florida. The video opens with Erik Gianini, who is the manager of the dojo, asking Phoenix to kick a wooden board in half. Phoenix tries over and over again to complete the task, but he can’t seem to do it.

Phoenix eventually becomes so frustrated at not being able to break the board that he starts to cry. As soon as his classmates see how sad he is, they respond by cheering him on and yelling words of encouragement. Soon, the kids begin chanting Phoenix’s name, giving him the strength to try again. As his classmates yell his name louder and louder, Phoenix is finally able to break the board!

Claudia Swonger, Phoenix’s mom, shared the video to social media, where she said that he has since gotten a whole new sense of confidence from the incident.

“While it may have been a struggle, with encouragement, instruction, and lots of love, he overcame and advanced,” she wrote. “My boy learned one of the most important lessons in his life today! NEVER… EVER GIVE UP!!!”

The video has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 40,000 times!

“Imagine how much we could all do if the people around us kept telling us we could,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I am a crying mess over here!! Congratulations baby boy you did it!! Great support from his peers and instructor!! Hats off to everyone in this video.”

Check out the video for yourself below!


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