Anyone who has taken a morning shower knows that we are sometimes too exhausted to do anything except stand under the water. That’s why so many people are excited about a new “human car wash” shower tool that will wash your body for you!

Matti Paaso is an inventor from Finland who just created a device called the “Humanwash,” which is installed with a rotating brush unit that scrubs the neck, shoulders and back at the exact same speed as a pair of hands would. Matti is hoping that his device will help the elderly and disabled to be able to shower alone, but it works for anyone who wants a relaxing shower as well.

“It took me more than three years and four different prototypes to get this right. I couldn’t find anything like this when I was doing my research on YouTube,” he said. “It is fitted with two motors which control the rotating brush and the vertical movement of the brush. It also has an emergency stop button and automatically stops after 15 minutes. I designed it for people who have mobility issues, or are injured or are older and struggle to shower themselves.”

Matti’s website says that the device costs $5,300, but it’s unclear if it is available yet.

“It could be a very useful tool in a hospital or for care providers, it only uses the same amount of space as a normal shower,” he said. “The user can wash their entire body in two or three minutes, but as the brushes are designed for a gentle massage the normal washing time is about ten minutes. One of the prototypes was trialed in a hospital for one month and they loved it.”

Watch the Humanwash in action in the video below!

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