Man Attempts To Dodge Hundreds Of Swarming Lovebugs In Florida With Moves Worthy Of ‘The Matrix’

A hilarious video is going viral this week showing a man try to dodge hundreds of swarming lovebugs during their mating season in Florida.

The video was posted to social media by Devirus Pollard, who goes by the name “Devi Dev,” and it shows him desperately trying to dodge the insects as he walks in his front door. Many are saying that his dodging moves are something out of the hit movie “The Matrix!”

At one point, Devirus bent over backwards much like the character Neo did as he dodged bullets in the 1999 film. The video is captioned, “this lovebug season got me like…,” and it has been viewed over three million times in just one week!

Floridians everywhere are able to relate to the video, as this kind of swarming often happens during the lovebug mating season, which lasts from May to September. Though lovebugs are harmless to humans, they can be a major nuisance to humans, as you can see in this video.

The University of Florida has stated that lovebugs actually are not native to the state. Instead, they are an invasive species that came from Central America and migrated through Texas and Louisiana before settling in Texas in the 1900s.

These days, lovebugs are attracted by the heat of asphalt and vehicle fumes on highways, and their guts and eggs often end up splattered on windshields and hoods. They are from the same family as flies and they only live up to four days.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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