Little Girl Becomes Viral Star At Preschool Graduation With Her Hilarious Dance Moves

A 5 year-old girl named Lily has found herself becoming a viral sensation after she completely stole the show at her preschool graduation with some hilarious dance moves.

When it came time for Lily to graduate from preschool at the Lebanon Presbyterian Church in Ohio, she took the stage with her class to perform a dance set to the popular children’s song called “Tooty Ta.” Occupational therapist Karen Dobyns described “Tooty Ta” as:

“a very rhythmic song that has the children following basic directions and it builds upon itself. They start with thumbs up, then move to elbows back, feet apart, knees touching, tongue out, etc. I love all things occupational therapy related and kids related and I am utterly astounded that this is the first time I have come across this. Teachers, parents, therapists…Please. Get this song and do it with your class/kids/students.”

As the rest of her class of performed the dance they’d rehearsed, Lily went rogue and performed some of her own moves that were unorthodox to say the least! The video was uploaded to social media by Lily’s grandmother Martina, who was not surprised when she saw her granddaughter’s performance.

“Give her an audience, she’ll give you a show,” Martina said of Lily.

The video immediately went mega-viral, getting over twelve million views in just two days! While she was surprised that the video went viral, Martina was glad that it has brought so much joy to others.

“I put that video out there as a way for people to forget about it all for 5 minutes and just have a reason to smile,” she explained.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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