K-9 Officer Earns A Spot In High School Yearbook

K-9 officers work tirelessly every day to protect and serve their communities, and they deserve just as much love and respect as their human counterparts get on the force. That’s why it’s warming so many hearts around the country that a K-9 officer from Arkansas was just given a spot in her high school yearbook.

Mya is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois who has been serving in the Bryant Police Department since August of last year. She works as “primarily a narcotics K9 but is also trained for tracking and article recovery,” and she spends most of her time working at Bryant High School and at school functions.

Mya has become so beloved at the school that she was given a spot in the yearbook between two educators.

“So it looks like one of Bryant PD’s finest School Resource Officer’s made the Hornet Yearbook this year. Good job Mya, you are representing the PD with pride…..Hornet Pride!!!” the department wrote on Facebook alongside a photo of her in the yearbook.

The photo of Mya in the yearbook has quickly gone viral, with people all over the nation falling in love with her.

“That is a very adorable picture!! She looks so happy!!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “She’s my favorite officer.”

Excellent job reaching out in the community and creating a sense of trust among the students!” a third user commented. “Her photo is great, too! Love that smile!”

God bless Mya and everything that she does serving and protecting the students at her school. Find out more about this in the video below!


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