‘Jeopardy’ Host Alex Trebek Reveals His Christian Faith Is Getting Him Through Cancer Battle

Two months ago, legendary “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek revealed that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Now, he’s opening up about how his Christian faith is helping him get through this fight for his life.

When Trebek revealed his diagnosis, he let his fans know that he was going to put everything he had into fighting the cancer.

“I’m going to fight this and I’m going to keep working, keep the faith and we’ll win,” he said. “We’ll get it done.”

This past week, Trebek opened up about how his cancer battle is going, explaining that it’s his faith in God that is getting him through it. He made sure to thank fans for all the prayers they have been sending his way as well.

“People all over America have been sharing their good thoughts, their advice, their prayers and I feel that it is making a difference in my well-being,” he said.

Trebek went on to explain that this cancer battle has been far from easy. He said that in his final months of taping this season of “Jeopardy,” there were moments that he “was on the floor writhing in pain.”

“This got really bad,” Trebek confessed. “I was on the floor writhing in pain. It went from a 3 to an 11. And I just couldn’t believe. I didn’t know what was happening. And it happened three or four times a day while we were taping,” he explained. “So that was a little — little rough on me.”

Ever the professional, Trebek wanted to push through and continue filming, but there were times when he “barely” made it to his dressing room and ultimately “cried in pain” when he got there.

“I taped the show and then I made it to the dressing room on one occasion, just barely, before I writhed in pain and cried in pain,” Trebek recalled. “And I had 15 minutes before the next show. So, I got myself together and spasms of that kind usually last about 10 to 15 minutes. So, all right, here we go again: ‘Anybody got any pain pills?’ And, I don’t like taking pain pills. But I got through it.”

“And, the producers were very kind,” he continued. “They said, ‘Look, if you don’t wanna do the show, we’ll just cancel taping.’ I said, ‘No. We’re here. We’re doing the shows.'”

Trebek is inspiring the world right now with both his strength and his strong Christian faith. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!


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