High School Students Surprise Blind Classmate With Braille Yearbook After Working For 15 Hours On It

RJ Sampson is a senior at Conifer High School in Colorado who has always loved going to school, but since he is blind, he has never gotten to see a yearbook to remember all the good times he’s had over the past four years. After realizing this, his classmates came together to give RJ a beautiful gift that he will treasure for the rest of his life!

On the last day of his freshman year three years ago, RJ asked his study hall teacher Leslie Thompson, “When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?” While Leslie thought it was a great idea, she did not think it was possible to do. Even making normal yearbooks are a major task that takes months to complete for her yearbook club, so making a braille version seemed impossible.

It wasn’t until RJ was a senior that a plan finally came together to make him the braille yearbook that he’d always wanted. Leslie, the yearbook committee, and the vision club spent over 1,500 hours working tirelessly to make a braille version of the yearbook. RJ had no idea what they were up to until the editor-in-chief of the yearbook stood up in front of the entire student body and presented him with the braille yearbook that he’d wanted for years. You have to see how RJ reacts when he realizes what his classmates had done for him!

“I really appreciate it,” RJ said to his classmates. “It really means a lot to me!”

Watch RJ’s heartwarming reaction in the video below!


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