Here’s How 28 Days Without Drinking Will Drastically Change Your Body

Experts say that it takes 21-28 days to break a bad habit, and new studies have revealed that abstaining from drinking for 28 days can have a majorly positive impact on your body. Amid other things, quitting drinking for this period of time can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reduce the level of cancer-related proteins in the body.

One of the first things that will change is your quality of sleep. Alcohol can reduce REM sleep, so once you stop drinking, you might start having vivid dreams and remembering them more. In addition, you will likely have an easier time waking up in the morning.

Once you have gone two weeks without drinking, your liver will also start to heal itself. When you drink regularly, your liver starts to scar, and it takes quite sometime for it to heal itself once you stop. Your stomach will also start to function better, since alcohol increases the production of stomach acid and can cause ulcers.

The visible signs of drinking that include dark circles under the eyes and facial swelling will also start to fade once you stop consuming alcohol. Acne and other inflammation of the skin will begin to disappear as well, and you will begin to lose weight. In fact, some people experience dramatic weight loss after they cut out alcohol, with many losing an average of six to eight pounds per month the longer they don’t drink.

Finally, you will start thinking more clearly when you stop drinking. Studies have shown that alcohol causes the brain to swell, so quitting alcohol will help you experience better mental clarity.


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