Here Are Five Ways You’re Shortening The Life Of Your Refrigerator

Breaking your refrigerator is something that is far easier to do than you would think. That’s why we’ve compiled five ways that you are inadvertently shortening the life of your fridge.

You aren’t cleaning the internal mechanics

“If the defrost drain is clogged with debris, or frozen, the water dripping off the coils will overflow the drain trough and drip into the bottom of your refrigerator,” said experts with the Repair Clinic.  They added that this overworks your fridge and also might cause it to leak water all over your floor. If you notice any leaking water coming from your fridge, you should get it checked immediately.

You’re not cleaning the fridge itself

If debris, sticky spills, and more common food mishaps are left on your fridge door unattended for too long, they can tear or break the seal of the door, which can then cause a leak that cold air will escape from. You need to wipe down the fridge door often to ensure that this does not happen.

It’s too full

While newer fridges are better equipped to deal with being overstocked, older ones sometimes have fan blades that are less protected. If these fridges are overstocked, undue pressure could be applied to the fan blades, which can then affect its shape and fit among related parts of your fridge. This means that your fridge might break, or work ineffectively. To prevent this from happening, you should do a deep clean of the contents of your fridge every once in a while.

Your freezer temperature is too high

“Ideally, the temperature should be set between -17 to -15 degrees Celsius,” an expert with the Repair Clinic said. If the temperature on your freezer is wrong, it can affect the longevity of your ice maker, as well as the safety of the food you’ll be eating. In addition, a temperature higher than -15 degrees Celsius can cause the defrost thermostat to stop working, which then overworks your refrigerator and shortens its life.

You’re not changing the water filter often enough

If you have a fridge that can make ice with a dispenser that is in the freezer or out on the door, your water filter is crucial in keeping your fridge in good condition. If the water filter breaks or is dislodged, it can cause many problems with the fridge and will likely ultimately lead to it malfunctioning. Thankfully, experts say that you will likely catch this problem early, as your ice cubes will start coming out smaller, oddly shaped, or not at all.


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