Grandma Hilariously Tries And Fails To Get On Pool Inflatables All Summer

A hilarious video that was shot last summer is going viral this week showing a Chicago grandmother try over and over again to get onto different types of pool inflatables, only to fall into the water each time.

Linda Burns, a retired police officer, desperately wanted to get on the pool inflatables, but she just couldn’t seem to get her balance!

“My kids wanted their grandma, who is a retired police officer to get on the flamingo, the parrot and then ride the bull,” wrote Dena, who shot the video. “No matter how hard she tries she still has not been able to get on any floats!”

“Grandma tried and tried and failed each time. Grandma is pushing 70 and seriously out of her mind!” she continued.

The video shows just how determined Linda is as well as what a big sense of humor she has, as she laughs after each failure. Regardless of how gently she attempts to get on the inflatables, it just never works out for her.

The hilarious video has quickly gone viral, with people all over the world getting a huge kick out of it.

“She is having a blast! I bet she’s a lot of fun to be around. I hope I’m that fun loving when I’m her age!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I know how she feels. I have slipped off many a float myself in the pool with my grandkids.”

Linda’s grandkids sure are lucky to have a fun-loving grandmother like her! Check out her escapades for yourself below.


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