Gigantic Anaconda Blocks Entire Highway – Brings Traffic To A Dead Stop

Drivers in Brazil just had a truly bizarre experience when an anaconda completely blocked traffic on a major highway, bringing motorists to a complete stop.

Shocking video footage shows a 10-foot boa slithering across the road in Porto Velho, a city in the northwestern state of Rondônia. Onlookers looked on in shock as the anaconda made it’s way across the highway, seemingly without a care in the world.

Biologist Flavio Terassini explained that the snake was at least 10-years-old and weighed 66 pounds. The expert also said that the anaconda was likely looking for food at the time.

“These snakes can appear in the urban area in search of food, which are small rodents, and in the city they can feed themselves on dogs and even cats,” Terassini explained. “‘So it’s good to be careful not to leave the trash in the yard because these animals can smell the rodents or … come close to homes, especially in the rainy season.”

Video of the snake has quickly gone viral, being viewed over two million times by stunned social media users from all over the world. Many have praised the drivers for pulling over and allowing the snake to cross the road safely, rather than continuing to drive and putting the creature’s life at risk.

The anaconda is a snake that is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, and it can grow to more than 25 feet in length and weigh up to around 500 pounds. Check out the video below to see this incredible footage for yourself!


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