Bathtubs are not typically thought of as things of beauty, but one artist is now showing the world how gorgeous they really can be!

Nathie Katzoff is a former boat builder who has now devoted his life to making bathtubs that are incredible structures of beauty. Made of wood, the bathtubs are also eco friendly, and we can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like them before.

“Why wood?” he asked. “It is not petroleum-based, casted, or a refined product that involves massive amounts of energy to create. Wood comes from the Earth, and if it is harvested and treated appropriately, it will last to forever.”

Nathie has refused to reveal the secret about what this actually means, as his formula is top secret. However, he has revealed a few “ingredients,” of what’s in it.

“We use FSC-certified hardwoods and have done lots of recycling and reclaiming of local trees for much of our work,” the artist said. “At the end of the day, beautiful and timeless pieces are the most sustainable, because when they go out of style, they don’t end up in a waste pile.”

Those who order one of Nathie’s custom-made tubs can choose the kind of wood he uses to make them.

“We first approached our tubs by coming from a place where we were interested in creating a visually striking sculpture that just happens to also be functional,” he said. “The first reaction we get from many prospective customers who have not seen something like this before is that they are looking at it as a beautiful piece of sculpture.”

“We build each piece with the presumption that it will be a permanent part of the home it is commissioned for,” Nathie continued. “Like many designers and artists, we strive to create timeless pieces.”

Nathie’s tubs don’t come cheap, as they start at $30,000, but if you have the money, they are definitely worth looking into!

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