Elderly Woman Gets The Last Laugh After Hotel Owner Argues With Her

A hilarious joke is going viral this week that serves as a reminder that messing with the elderly is never a good idea!

Society oftentimes sees elderly people as weak, but this is not an accurate description of them at all. Elderly people actually have tons of strength that comes from having decades of life experience, which gives them the ability to handle whatever life throws at them. This joke certainly shows that in a hilarious way!

An elderly woman decided to treat herself for her 70th birthday with a night at a fancy hotel. When it came time for her to check out the next morning, she was stunned when the clerk handed her a bill for $250.

“I agree that it’s a nice hotel, but the rooms aren’t worth $250 for just an overnight stay!” the woman said. “I didn’t even have breakfast!”

The clerk told her that $250 was their standard rate, and that breakfast would have been included had she wanted it. The elderly woman then insisted on speaking to the manager.

“This hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference center which are available for use,” the manager said, to which the elderly woman replied, “But I didn’t use them.”

“Well, they are here,” the manager said. He went on to say that they have in-hotel shows that they are famous for, adding, “We have the best entertainers in the world performing here.”

“But I didn’t go to any shows,” the woman said.

“Well, we have them and you could have,” the manager replied.

For every amenity that the manager listed, the woman said that she had not used them. Finally, when the manager refused to budge, the woman wrote him a check and handed it to him, leaving him stunned when he looked at it.

“But madam, this check is only for $50!” he explained.

“That’s correct,” she replied. “I charged you $200 for sleeping with me.”

“But I didn’t!” the manager said.

“Well, too bad,” she said. “I was here, and you could have!”

That’ll teach him to mess with senior citizens!


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