Elderly Elephant Remembers Her Old Trainer After 32 Year Separation

Elephants are known for being some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth, as they experience many of the same emotions that humans do. Now, a touching video is going viral that shows just how intelligent elephants really are.

During the 1980s, an Asian elephant named Kirsty was rescued and taken to the now-closed Calderpark Zoo in Scotland. There, she formed a close bond with elephant trainer Peter Adamson, and they spent a good amount of time together over the next few years.

Unfortunately, Peter and Kirsty were separated in 1987, when she was brought to England’s Chester Zoo. Though Peter lost track of Kirsty as the years went by, he never forgot about the elephant he had been so close to. While Kirsty missed Peter as well, life was good for her at the Chester Zoo, where she met her lifelong companion named Judy.

Kirsty and Judy were eventually transferred to a zoo in Dublin, where they lived from 1994 to 2005. That’s when they were sent to the Neunkircher Zoo in Germany, where they continue to reside to this day.

Peter recently stumbled upon some information online that stated where Kirsty was, and he was ecstatic that she was alive, as the average lifespan of an Asian elephant is just 48 years and Kirsty is now 52. Peter happened to be planning a vacation to Germany at the time, and he decided to stop by the Neunkircher Zoo to see Kirsty while he was there.

Zookeepers at the facility arranged a tearjerking reunion for Kirsty and Peter, who was sure that she would not remember him. As soon as Kirsty laid eyes on him, however, it became clear that she had never forgotten him in the 32 years they’d been apart!

Check out the emotional reunion for yourself below.


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