Elderly Dog Breaks Down In Tears At Shelter After Family Leaves Her For Younger Puppy

Animal shelters do amazing things for dogs, as they give them the best care possible regardless of the canine’s age or gender. Sadly, it can be difficult for the dogs at these shelters to find the forever homes they crave, particularly when the canine is a little bit older.

A family recently agreed to adopt two dogs from the San Bernadino City Shelter, with one being a young puppy and the other being an aging canine. Shelter staffers were stunned when the family showed up and took the black labrador puppy with no issue, but left behind the older cocker spaniel, whose name is Cookie.

The staffers looked on in horror as the family cruelly left Cookie behind, with the older dog breaking down in tears as they walked away,.

“Cookie is crying for her family,” one staffer said. “She watched as the family drove away and left her to die.”

Staffers believe that Cookie is 8-10 years old, and she has had her share of health problems. The shelter workers have helped her through getting surgery for cancer, and while Cookie is recovering well, she still craves the love of a forever home.

Thankfully, the staffers have since found a permanent foster home for Cookie with a foster mother who has pledged to care for the dog through her old age. While this is slightly different from a full adoption, it will give shelter staffers the chance to continue to assist with many of Cookie’s needs.

In the wake of Cookie’s story going viral, shelter staffers are encouraging those who enquire about her to adopt another older dog. These elderly dogs are often overlooked for younger puppies, but they need love as well!

Find out more about Cookie’s story in the video below.


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