Dog Earns Legions Of Fans By Playing Piano And Singing

We’ve all seen dogs do tricks like roll over and fetch, but we can guarantee that you’ve never seen a dog do anything like this!

Buddy Mercury is a beagle-basset hound mix who has become a viral sensation after his owners posted a video to YouTube showing him standing next to their piano on his hind legs as he uses his front two paws to tap the keyboard. He proceeds to get into his performance as Freddie Mercury himself would, throwing back his head and howling.

“He does Beaglan Rhapsody… And some BUDDY to love,” said Glenn and Laurie Wolfe, Buddy’s owners.

Buddy has become so popular that the Wolfes are selling merchandise for him that includes bags, mugs, pins, hats, and even ringtones. They have assured Buddy’s fans that the money will go to a good cause.

“We want to help more animals be rescued and we only have so much space in our home,” Laurie said.

“Buddy Mercury is a rescue dog who became famous after being caught on video playing the piano and howling along,” Buddy’s website states. “His first viral video was in February 2017! His second viral video was in April 2019 after TikTok users went BANANAS over him all over again!

“Mercury has been featured on the likes of Google’s 2018 Year in Search ad, Inside Edition, People Magazine, America’s Funniest Videos, ESPN, ABC Eyewitness News, the Z100 morning show and so much more!” the website continues. “Buddy Mercury donates a percentage of every purchase directly to shelters that help save animals!”

Check out Buddy’s talent in the video below!


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