Couple Find Abandoned Brick House On Their Property – Are Stunned To See It’s Child-Sized

With the tiny house craze completely sweeping the nation, we’ve seen more than our fair share of tiny homes. However, we’ve never seen a little house quite like this one!

Back in 2000, Matt and Anna Jones bought a large house in Brick, New Jersey. At the time, they had no idea that when they purchased the home, they had actually inherited another house along with it, and this one was tiny!

Much to their surprise, the larger house came with a child-sized brick house in the backyard.

The house, which was only four feet tall, was decorated with all the typical furniture that is in a normal home. There were tables, chairs, a shower, and even a fireplace, only they were all smaller than normal ones.

Matt and Anna soon learned that there were many theories floating around town about the story behind the home. Some said it once belonged to a little person who worked in a nearby circus. Others swore that a family of dwarfs still lived there.

Anna finally learned the truth behind the little home, as it was built in the 1960s by the owners of the larger house as a playhouse for their grandchildren.

Some might find the little house to be creepy, but it can’t be denied that children everywhere would love to play in it. This playhouse is a dream come true for any child!

The little house is a landmark in New Jersey, and Anna often allows people to come pose for photos outside of it.

Sadly, Hurricane Sandy effectively destroyed the entire interior of the home, ripping up the walls and floors and leaving litter and dead leaves in its wake. The little house has also been vandalized many times over the years.

All of this has led Matt and Anna to decide to sell the playhouse to an “eccentric person that has nothing better to do with their money.”

Find out more about this little home in the video below!


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