Cop And Hero Police Dog Leave Simon Cowell In Tears On ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Simon Cowell is known for one of the most difficult to please judges in reality television. That’s why it came as a surprise when he was brought to tears by the emotional audition of police officer Dave Wardell and his heroic police dog Finn on Britain’s Got Talent.

Dave knows for a fact that Finn would give his life for him, because three years ago, the German Shepherd did just that.

In 2016, a suspect pulled a knife on Dave and attacked him, but Finn was not about to let his owner die this way. The dog leapt to action and jumped on the suspect, taking stab wounds himself as he saved his partner’s life. Finn nearly died, but his life was saved by the tireless efforts of the veterinarians who worked overtime to treat him.

These days, Finn is healthier than ever, and he took the stage with Dave to perform a magic show that nobody will ever forget. They began by having judge David Walliams write down a random object on some paper and show it only to Finn.

Then, Dave knelt by Finn and had the dog “whisper” the answer in his ear. After saying that there was no way that he could have seen what David had written down, Dave revealed that Finn had told him the word is “table.” Sure enough, that’s exactly what the word was!

Dave explained that it’s the close bond he shares with Finn that allows them to do magic together.

“Finn and I live together, we worked together, and we spend 24 hours a day together. We’ve been through some quite massive adventures,” he explained. “I’ve never had to give Finn instructions on what to do, he just knew. It was born out of our amazing relationship and bond. I know what he’s thinking and he knows what I’m thinking – quite often before I’ve even thought it. It comes from our real close connection and our real close bond. I hope that comes across in the act,”

The crowd went wild for Dave and Finn, and when the police officer revealed how his dog saved his life, there was not a dry eye in the house. Even Simon was in tears over the story!

“A dog will literally give up its life for you, and for anyone who’s been cruel to an animal or dogs just remember, if you’d have treated him well they would have put their lives up ahead of yours,” Simon said. “Can I please give you your first yes?”

Needless to say, Dave and Finn ended up with four yesses, and they were on to the next round! Check out their audition for yourself below.


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