Coffee Shop Run By People With Down Syndrome Is So Successful That They’re Opening A Third Location

Back in January of 2016, Amy Wright opened a coffeeshop in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it quickly became apparent to all that this coffee establishment was a very special one.

Amy is the mother of two children with Down syndrome, and she knew firsthand how difficult it is for adults with disabilities to find jobs, as over 80 percent of disabled adults are unemployed.┬áThat’s why she decided that her coffeeshop would be operated completely by people with Down syndrome.

Her coffeeshop started with 18 employees, but that number soon grew to as high as 40. In 2017, Amy won the CNN Hero of the Year award, which gave her $100,000 to further her cause. This allowed her to open a second location in Charleston, South Carolina in February of 2018, and this turned out to be a huge success as well.

Earlier this year, Amy opened a third location in Savannah, Georgia, and this one is open every day from 8am to 6pm. Amy is hoping that this will only be the beginning for her, as she wants to open coffeeshops all over the country to give adults with disabilities more opportunities. She’s also hoping that her successful business will inspire other businesses to hire more disabled adults.

God bless Amy for giving adults with disabilities these opportunities and putting trust in them when nobody else would. We need more business owners to see that adults with disabilities can still be highly qualified workers who can contribute to their business being a success.

Find out more about what Amy is doing in the video below!


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