Cat Who Has Been Trapped In A Cage For Years Thanks Rescuers In Cutest Way Possible

Lovebug is a cat whose personality lives up to her name even though she’s been through quite a lot in life. Lovebug was previously owned by a mentally ill woman who kept her in a cage for much of her life. Thankfully, she was rescued and given a second chance at life, and her reaction to it was priceless!

Unlike dogs, cats are not meant to be confined to a cage, and they do not react well to it at all. They are independent creatures who need to have the opportunity to satisfy their natural urges whenever they wish. Researchers say that cats who are kept in cages experience symptoms like decreased appetite, withdrawal from social groupings, increases in urinary cortisol, decreases in grooming, and increases in the frequency and intensity of attempts to hide.

Lovebug was finally rescued from her cage by Furry Nation Salvation, which put her with a loving foster mother named Patty. Because of her rough background, Lovebug had serious skin issues that left her with huge clumps of fur missing. Since then, she has thankfully recovered fully with fur growing over all of her wounds.

“Before her rescue, [Lovebug] was owned by a mentally ill woman who kept her confined to a dog crate for most, if not all of her life,” the description of the video below reads. “Now in foster care with Patty, [Lovebug] is safe.”

While rescuers feared that Lovebug would never be able to trust humans, she has defied the odds by never holding a grudge against humans at all. From the very beginning, Lovebug has been a loving cat who has affectionately adored all humans she comes in contact with!

Lovebug particularly loves her foster mom Patty, who she showers with kisses and cuddles whenever she can.

If you met Lovebug, you would never guess that she’d been through so many hardships in life. Her story serves as a reminder to never judge someone by their pasts, and to always look to their future!

Find out more about this cat in the video below!


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