Cat Steals The Show On Christian Dior Fashion Runway

When anyone attends a fashion show, they are used to seeing beautiful people walk the catwalk in glamorous garb. In this case, a rare sighting of an actual cat walking the catwalk occurred at a Christian Dior fashion show in Marrakech recently.

Cats are very common in the Moroccan city, and the locals there are so used to them that they typically ignore the creatures. The cats respond by ignoring the people as they scavenge the scraps on the streets, and for strays, these cats actually have pretty good lives.

When this cat came upon the Christian Dior fashion show, the feline immediately got curious and just had to see what all the fuss was about. The mischievous cat looked on for a minute as the models strutted their stuff, but the feline soon could not resist walking the runway himself!

Unfazed by the loud music and flashing lights, the cat stole the show by jumping on the runway and walking in the opposite direction of the models.

Things took quite a turn when the cat decided to “mark it’s territory” all over both the catwalk and a guest’s expensive ball gown. She undoubtedly never saw this coming when she showed up at the extravagant fashion show!

Video of the cat’s antics has quickly gone viral, with people all over the world loving that this catwalk took such a literal turn!

“Meow…ladies let me show you what is real cat walk!!!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “I guess you could say… he owned the catwalk.”

Check out the video for yourself below!


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