Cafe Owner Delivers Free Soup To Stranger Going Through Chemo For A Year

JC’s Café in Cary, Illinois is known for the delicious homemade soups that they serve to their customers every day. Juan Carlos Beristain, the owner of the cafe, uses the very best local and seasonal ingredients to make his famous soups, and he serves them each day with a huge smile on his face.

Noah Dionesotes is a 49 year-old husband and father who lives right by the cafe, and he was sadly just diagnosed multiple sclerosis. Noah is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and he also has a broken leg that has left him in a wheelchair.

Noah absolutely loves the vegan soup that is served at JC’s Café, but given his medical situation, he is rarely able to get to the cafe to buy it. As Noah spends most of his time going to doctor’s appointments, his mother has completely rearranged her days to go get the soup for her son, but she isn’t always able to make this work.

When Juan Carlos heard this, he knew he had to do something to help. He was browsing Facebook one day when he came upon Noah’s story, and he saw in the post that the father loves the soup that he serves.

The next day, Noah heard a knock on his door and was shocked to see Juan Carlos standing there with a delivery of his vegan soup! Noah tried to pay Juan Carlos, but the cafe owner refused, instead saying that he would be back with more soup the next day.

Noah assumed that Juan Carlos was just saying that and would not come back again, but as you’ll see in the video below, he soon learned just how wrong he was.


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