Baseball Captain Takes Student With Down Syndrome To Prom

People with disabilities face tons of challenges in life that the rest of us never have to deal with. Their differences often are the target of bullies and strangers’ unkind remarks and stares. However, that’s not always the case as the story below will surely warm your heart.

A social media user recently took to Reddit to recount how her sister with Down syndrome had a prom night that she will never forget thanks to a fellow student with a heart of gold.

The poster stated that her sister with Down syndrome was taken to prom by the captain of her school’s baseball team. The young man even took her to her favorite restaurant to ensure that her prom night would be extra special!

The next day, the poster took to Reddit once again to share their mother’s Facebook status about the magical prom.

“What a beautiful day to celebrate [blank],” the mother wrote. “16 years [ago] we went to the hospital thinking all would be ok. My world turned upside down just moments after! At 2 weeks, we almost lost her after heart surgery and at that moment decided to embrace her diagnosis. Lots of worries about the future.”

“But look here is a video of her at Prom loving life w[ith] a young man who included her!” she continued. “Thank you all who have supported her and loved her. All is better than ok.”

Social media users everywhere have praised the young man for being this teenager’s prom date and sharing anĀ  unforgettable night. We need more people in the world like him!


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