Australian Family Finds Gold Nugget Worth $37K While Out Walking Their Dog Lucky

An Australian family just found a golden nugget that is worth quite a lot of money while they were out walking their dog, who is ironically named Lucky.

A father and his two daughters, who have asked to remain nameless, were out walking their dog in Bendigo when one of the girls kicked something on the ground.

“It was Mother’s Day morning and we decided to go for a walk. Mum actually stayed at home so me, my two daughters and Lucky were just walking along,” the father recalled. “I actually walked right past it but my daughter pretty much kicked it as she was walking. She then goes — ‘dad, is this gold?’ I said, ‘I think it might be.'”

The family initially could not find anywhere to weigh it, but they eventually learned from experts that it was indeed pure gold.

“We couldn’t find anywhere to properly weigh it,” the father explained. “We ended up taking it to the IGA and weighing it up there at the supermarket. They weren’t too happy that we were weighing it at the deli there.”

The nugget weighed 624 grams or 20 ounces, and the family was told that it was worth a whopping $37,000.

“To sell it as a nugget whole, it’s probably worth a little bit more than that,” the dad said. “We’ve come on some tough times so it’s really good because we’ve been struggling financially. It couldn’t be better timing really.”

Though they would have liked to have kept the nugget, the family has since decided that selling it is the best option.

“Just having it at home, I’ve been like where do we store it? I haven’t been sleeping very well and we think it’s best just to sell it,” the father said.

The family is also already planning to go back to the spot where they found the nugget to see if they can find more gold.

“I have done a little bit of prospecting in the past,” he said. “I’ve dug a couple of holes and never found anything but it’s not something I usually do. It was just a really random find but we will be going back. Usually when you find a nugget that big, there will be more gold around so hopefully that’s the case.”


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