8 Year-Old Girl Beats The Odds To Win Dance Competition Only 1.5 Years After Losing Her Leg

Tessa Puma is a little girl who has always loved dancing, and she was already winning dance competitions when she was only 5 years-old.

Unfortunately, when Tessa was 6, she became very sick with what her parents initially thought was the flu. However, it soon became clear that her situation was far more serious than that, as she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal infection that doctors gave her just a 20 percent chance of surviving.

Within hours, the infection had spread all over one half of Tessa’s body, and doctors informed her parents that they would need to amputate her left leg above the knee. After the operation, she spent the next two months in the hospital, and she finally recovered.

While her parents were focused on fears that their daughter would not walk again, Tessa was only worried about being able to dance.

Tessa was focused on getting back on the dance floor as soon as possible, so right after she mastered walking with her artificial leg, she started working with a dance coach who said that her amputation has not slowed her down at all.

Now 8 years-old, Tessa is dancing up a storm and is back to winning dance competitions! She has never let having one leg hold her back from achieving her dreams, and she lives her life every day by the simple motto of “never give up.”

We can all learn a lot from the determination that Tessa has exhibited throughout her young life. Find out more about this incredible little girl in the video below!


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