Young Girl Earns Legions Of Fans After Belting Out Elvis Presley Classic On Busy Street

A young girl has found herself becoming a viral sensation after a video of her singing a classic Elvis Presley song made the rounds on the internet.

When Allie Sherlock took to a busy street to perform back in January, she never could have imagined that she was about to become a star!

Allie decided to perform the legendary Elvis song “Cant Help Falling in Love,” which was released back in 1961. The song has long been popular because of it’s sweet melody and heartwarming words, and it’s still just as loved today as it was nearly sixty years ago.

In the video below, you’ll see Allie performing the song on a busy street. As you can see, many people are so transfixed by her beautiful voice that they can’t help but stop dead in their tracks so that they can listen to her. At one point, a man and his young son even stopped to sing along with Allie.

Video of Allie’s performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly 400,000 times! Allie is now hoping that this will give her the opportunity to keep sharing her voice with the world in other ways. Believe it or not, she has only been playing the guitar for a few years, but it’s clear from the video below that she’s musically gifted.

Remember Allie’s name, because this girl is going places! Check out her performance for yourself in the video below.


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