US Coast Guard Steps In To Rescue Canadian Family’s Lost Dog

The thought of losing your dog is every pet owner’s worst nightmare, and this is sadly the situation that Canadian couple Kailaan Walker and Lydia Selin recently found themselves in.

Over Christmas, the couple was in St. Joseph’s Island visiting family when their beloved dog Logan ran away. Kailaan and Lydia had taken their two dogs on a walk when Logan suddenly ran into the woods. They chased after him and spent days looking for the dog, but they could not find him and eventually had to return home to southern Ontario.

Just when they had given up hope of seeing Logan again, Kailaan and Lydia received a call from a number in Michigan that they never expected.

The call was from a member of the U.S. Coast Guard who was aboard the USCG Mackinaw. The crew member informed them that Logan had somehow run across the border into the U.S. and ended up in frozen water. When the crew found him, they did everything they could to lure the terrified dog out of the water. They did things like build a fire, a dog house, and leave “macaroni and ribs” out for him, and finally, Logan felt comfortable enough to get onboard the ship.

The crew members took care of Logan as Kailaan and Lydia made the 7.5 hour drive to come and pick him up.

In addition, the crew members brought Logan to a vet so that he could be treated from being out in the elements for so many days. Kailaan said that when they were finally reunited with Logan, his “eyes were wide and his ears were going every which way.”

Kailaan and Lydia could not be more grateful for everything the Coast Guard did for Logan. We’re so glad this story had a happy ending!


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