Two Americans Walk Into A Church In France

A hilarious joke is going viral this week that is sure to make you laugh out loud!

Two American men were touring Europe, and they had planned to arrive in France on a Sunday afternoon, but they ended up getting there a few hours early. They found themselves having very little to do that Sunday morning since everything was closed.

“Well,” one of the men said, pointing to a cathedral, “why don’t we attend Mass?”

“Sure,” his friend replied. “But we don’t know how the French pray and we can’t speak French!”

“We’ll pick a guy in front of us, and whatever he does, we’ll do,” the first guy said, and his friend agreed with him. The two then walked into the church, sat, close to the front, and chose a guy.

Their plan ended up working well, and forty-five minutes later, they had gotten used to the routine. Suddenly, while everyone in the congregation was seated, the priest said something in French and the man they chose stood up. The two Americans then immediately followed him without thinking.

As they did this, the entire church burst out laughing, and the two Americans were very embarrassed when they realized that nobody else was standing up. After mass ended, the two Americans approached the priest, who spoke English.

“We’re well-meaning people- we don’t speak French and just chose some guy to imitate while praying,” one of the American men said.

“Ah,” the priest said with a laugh. “You’re probably wondering why everyone laughed at you.”

“Yes,” the other American replied.

The priest responded, “Well, you see, I announced the Baptism of a child… and asked for the father of the child to stand up.”


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