Twin Babies Have Dance Party Inside Mother’s Belly

A video is going viral this week showing twin babies having quite a good time inside their pregnant mother’s belly!

The mother in this video is very far along in her pregnancy, and it’s clear that her twins are aching to get out of her belly, because they can be seen moving around in a big way. Dr. Heather Rupe said that by the time babies reach 16 weeks, mothers should expect to feel some flutters of movement. It’s safe to say that the mother in this video is feeling a bit more than a flutter.

Doctors say that by the time babies reaches 28 weeks, mothers should feel them moving an average number of at least six times per hour every day. If a mother does not feel a baby moving at all for more than an hour, it’s an indication that the baby could be in distress. If mothers don’t feel movement for this period of time, doctors say that they should drink fruit juice and lay down on their side to encourage movement. If they still don’t feel movement for two hours, mothers should call their doctors immediately.

Women who have been pregnant say that the feeling of their babies moving around is not very painful. Many compare it to bubbles or even popcorn popping. Whenever a baby moves inside the womb, it’s a gentle reminder to the mother that she is not alone. When mothers feel their baby kicking, the reality often hits them that they are about to become a mom.

Check out these twins kicking for yourself in the video below!


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