Tina Turner Opens Up About Husband – Reveals It Was ‘Love At First Sight’

Tina Turner’s infamous abusive marriage to Ike Turner is a well-known story in the music world.

In her book “My Love Story,” Tina opens up about the end of her marriage to Ike and states that she fled to Los Angeles, where she released her first studio album “Private Dancer” in 1984. This album was a massive success and made Tina the superstar that she continues to be today.

Despite all of her success, there was still one thing missing from Tina’s life that she desperately needed.

“I really needed love,” she later told Oprah Winfrey. “I just needed to love a person.”

Tina’s life changed forever one day in 1986, when she met German music producer Erwin Bach. Though he was 16 years her junior, Erwin approached Tina confidently with a big smile. As soon as she saw him, Tina became nervous and started sweating. She knew right then and there that this man was the love of her life!

Erwin proceeded to give Tina the type of love that she had always deserved but never gotten. It was hard for him to hear about the abuse she suffered for years at Ike’s hands, and he promised never to treat her that way himself.

After dating for decades, Erwin was desperate to show Tina that he was committed to her for life. He had first asked her to marry him in 1989, when she was 50 years-old, but she said no at the time for one reason. Find out why and see what else Tina has to say about Erwin in the video below!


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