This Colorado Resort Offers You The Chance To Stay In Your Own Tiny House

The tiny house craze has completely swept the nation, as Americans everywhere are loving the chance to live more sustainably and simply. If you’re on the fence about whether of not you might want to downsize to a tiny house, you might want to check out this Colorado resort that gives people the chance to stay in their own tiny home.

Located in Lyons, the WeeCasa Resort is a cluster of tiny homes, which the owners call a village, right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

If you book far enough in advance, the resort will even allow you to pick from a variety of styles of tiny homes. The resort’s director of operations Karen Agena said that one of the most popular tiny homes they have is the Hobbit House.

Each tiny home at the resort has it’s own unique style, so there’s options for all different types of personalities and tastes!


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Tiny car, tiny house. The Minis of the Rockies paid us a visit today.

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Back in 2013, when devastating floods hit towns in the northern part of Colorado like Lyons especially hard, Kenyon Waugh decided that he wanted to help the town recover economically by starting a resort. Tiny homes were just catching on at the time, so he decided to start a resort full of them, and they became an intriguing lodging option for families displaced by the floods.


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A beautiful, brisk morning here at WeeCasa ❄️☀️

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The lodgings are a tight fit, but they still have many different amenities. As you can see, the tiny house below is equipped with a refrigerator and stove.

The Juniper House, which is brand new, features farmhouse-style lodging that includes a small desk/workspace alongside a tiny kitchen countertop.

The WeeCasa Resort is a great option for everything from business meetings to family retreats.

Find out more about this resort for yourself in the video below!


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