These Six Exercises Will Bring You Immediate Relief If You Suffer From Knee Or Foot Pain

Experts say that 25 percent of Americans deal with knee pain, which is the second largest cause of chronic pain in the United States. Millions of people of all different ages deal with knee pain every day, which is why we’ve found six different exercises that can bring relief from it.

Physical activity is incredibly important to your overall health, with doctors saying that people should get active to treat their diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other health problems. Many people are inactive due to sore joints, but being physically active actually can provide some relief.

The following are six physical exercises that you can do to treat your knee pain:

Toe walking – This exercise involves walking on your toes for fifteen minutes, and it is great for the balls of your feet as well as your calves.

Heel raises – Simply place your right leg on a chair while bending your knee and elevate the heel of your left leg, and then do fifteen reps of this.

Toe games – Either try to grab things with your toes, or just grab the floor.

Walk on balls – Sit in a chair and put a tennis ball under your foot, then move the ball around for ten minutes. This exercise actually massages your feet and can give you some relief.

Ankle circles – Rotate your feet 10 times in each direction, doing several reps with each leg.

Resistance band – Put a resistance band around your chair and then place your leg under the other while bending the knee. Once you have done this, reach for the band with the toes of the upper leg and bend backward to your head before bringing your body in the initial position. Make sure to do fifteen reps of this.


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