Team Of 13 Year-Old Boys Hailed As Superheroes For What They Just Did In New Jersey

A group of 13 year-old boys from New Jersey have just restored everyone’s faith in humanity with what they were spotted doing in their town of South Brunswick.

It all started last Tuesday, when Kristen Braconi brought her autistic son Carter to the local skatepark to celebrate his 5th birthday. As soon as Kristen saw a pack of 13 year-old boys running into the park, however, she got ready to grab her son and take him home.

“The bigger kids started showing up, and Carter kind of said, ‘Oh no,’ and he thought he was going to have to leave, because, you know, he’s little, and he thinks that bigger kids don’t always want to play with little kids,” Kristen explained.

Instead of being rude to Carter, however, 13-year-old Gavin Maves approached the boy and started to play with him. Gavin helped the child use his scooter, and even let him try out his skateboard. Soon, Gavin’s friends followed suit and let Carter play with their skateboards as well.

At one point, the boys all came together to sing “Happy Birthday” to Carter as his mom filmed the entire thing. She was completely overwhelmed by how kind the older boys were.

“It’s hard to teach kindness. It’s something that you can’t teach, you just hope that you convey the message, and it keeps going,” Kristen said.

The video quickly went viral and was brought to the attention of Gavin’s mother Donnette, who said she could not be more proud of the way her son behaved.

“As a parent, you always worry when there’s no parent watching, that they’re on their best behavior and doing the right thing,” she said. “And that made me proud.”

13 year-old boys don’t always have the best reputations in society, but we’d like to applaud Gavin and his friends for showing how nice they can really be. Check out the video for yourself below!


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