Single Father Transforms Old Bus Into Beautiful Home For Himself And His Daughter

A single father has found himself becoming a viral sensation after he converted a double-decker bus into a luxurious home for himself and his daughter to live in.

Adam Collier is a 42-year-old carpenter from Brighton, United Kingdom who is the father of a teenage daughter named Devan. When Adam recently passed a double-decker bus on his way home, he knew right away that he could turn it into something amazing.

Confident that he did not need to spend very much money to turn this bus into his dream home, Adam set a budget for himself of £10,000 to buy the bus and turn it into a living space. The bus had only recently been put out of service, but there were still a lot of structural issues that the carpenter had to take care of.

Adam began by getting rid of the 42 bus seats welded to the floor, and once he did this, he was stunned to find that the bus had no insulation at all.

The hardworking father stuffed sheet insulation in every space he could and then went about drilling beams together to reinforce the structure of his soon to be home. He later said that he was determined to do this project himself.

“I’m a tradesman as well, so I knew how to do everything, and there was no point in asking anyone else to help,” he said. “Also, it was my project. I couldn’t expect others to share my level of enthusiasm.”

Adam’s hard work paid off, because the results of his efforts are nothing short of incredible!

He turned the lower level of the bus into a kitchen and dining space, making thick cushions for the dining benches and upholstering them in bright, cheery green. When the dining table is not being used, it can be folded up to give him more space.

The upper level of the bus includes three beds and a long seamless corridor that leads to them. In this corridor, there are sliding bedroom doors that effortlessly glide into place, and Adam refers to this as the “pride and joy” of his project.

Adam miraculously created three bedrooms that can sleep six people at a time by fitting in a bunk bed at the back of the bus.

After six months of hard work, Adam finally finished his dream home! In the end, he went a bit over budget and spent £15,000, which isn’t bad at all given how big this project was!

Take a tour of the home in the video below.


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