Rachael Ray Gives ‘Daytime Husband’ Drastic Surprise Makeover – Cuts His Hair For First Time In

Talk show host Rachael Ray is known for her “30 minute meals” segment. Recently, she decided to apply this concept to makeovers, which is another popular segment on her show.

When it came time to decide who would get her first 30 minute makeover, Rachael immediately thought of her 28 year-old culinary assistant, Max, who she lovingly refers to as her “daytime husband.” Rachael and Max spend a lot of work hours together, and they have become close friends over the years as well.

When Max showed up for work on this day, he had no idea that he would leave looking like a completely different man. Max had not gotten a haircut since he was in the seventh grade, which was 15 long years ago. Now in his late 20s, Max’s hair has been getting thin on top, and even he admitted that it was time for a change. Though he was not expecting to get a makeover, he chose to approach it with a totally open mind.

“It just seems right and it feels right to make this happen,” he said.

Though Max knew he would be getting a haircut and a beard trim, he had no idea what else Rachael and her team had in store for him. By the time his makeover was done, he looked like a whole new person in the best way possible. Rachael’s reaction when she sees the end result is absolutely priceless!

It’s amazing how a makeover can give someone a new lease on life in such a great way. We wish Max the best of luck with his new look!


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