Photo Of Owl And Baby Duck Huddled Together Under A Tree Goes Viral

An image is going viral this week that shows an owl and a duckling huddled together under a tree, and it’s touching the hearts of internet users everywhere.

The photo was captured by wildlife artist Laurie Wolf, who managed to snap a photo of an owl and a duckling side-by-side looking out from a hole in what appears to be a tree, but she describes it as a bird box. Laurie wrote on social media that she saw a female Wood Duck remove an egg from a box that had been raided by something three or four weeks before, and the duck then flew off toward this box with it.

“We lost it in the trees and didn’t want to disturb it. But we believe she put it in the box and the owl hatched it,” Laurie explained.

“A bit later, the baby duck was in the hole by itself, calling for the parents,” she later added. “We believe they heard each other because it suddenly left the box and made a beeline for the back fence and our neighbor’s pond where the woodies have been hanging out.”

Social media users just can’t get enough of the adorable image.

“This is so sweet. So Incredible that you were a witness to this. That is love!” one user commented, with another adding, “If we humans could only learn to support and cooperate like this..the world would be a different place. Great Pictures..thanks for posting.”

“Everybody has said, ‘Love the story, it’s a happy ending, love it!’” Laurie later said of the response to her viral post.

Check out an interview with Laurie below!


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