NBA Star Secret Visits Hospital For 21 Years – Breaks Down While Watching Tribute Video

Earlier this week, NBA star Dirk Nowitzki announced his retirement after an astounding 21 years with the Dallas Mavericks. He was the only player ever to play for a single franchise for 21 seasons, and as he announced his retirement, the city of Dallas showed it’s love for him in a beautiful way.

Nowitzki’s number is 41 and he played for 21 years, which is the meaning behind “41.21.1.” He accomplished quite a lot during his career, including being the sixth-highest scoring player of all time and winning the titles of 14-time All-Star and 12-time All-NBA Team member.

Fans paid tribute to Nowitzki during his final game with posters and cheers, shouting, “Thank you Dirk! Thank you Dirk” as the Mavericks took on the Phoenix Suns at the American Airline Center.

Nowitzki became overcome with emotion as a tribute video played showing the best moments of his career. Not only did the video show his career highlights, it also showed the philanthropic side of him that most fans had not seen before.

Nowitzki often visits the Children’s Medical Center, always bringing gifts for the patients there. He has always done this privately, never letting any news cameras show his visits.

“He shows up with such a whole heart,” explained Keri Kaiser, chief marketing officer and chief experience officer for the hospital. “His empathy is amazing. He is humble. He is genuinely there to do whatever it takes to make that day better for that child and family.”

Not only is Nowitzki amazing on the court, he is also an incredible person off the court. Find out more about what he has done for young patients at Children’s Medical Center hospital in the video below!


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