Minnesota Cop Stunned To Find Pig On Driver’s Lap After Being Called About Swerving Driving

When police officers show up for work, they have to be ready for anything, as they never know what they will end up seeing on the job on any given day. Though their jobs are dangerous, sometimes their work day takes another turn toward the wacky and comical.

Last Friday, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department in Minnesota received a call about someone swerving on Interstate 35. Sheriff’s deputy Sgt. Jason Foster responded to the call, and when he stopped the pickup truck that had been flagged, he saw something he never expected.

When Foster approached the driver’s window, he was stunned to see a pig on the driver’s lap! Police officers have heard quite a lot of excuses for distracted driving, but having a pig on your lap is a new one!

“It was kind of shocking,” Foster said. “He had this 250-pound pig on his lap. In fact, it was leaning against the steering wheel, he was muscling the steering wheel to keep it in its lane.”

The driver told the cop that he was in the process of moving and didn’t want his pets to get cold in the back of the pickup truck. Foster ended up deciding to let the driver off with a warning, telling him that drivers who are worried about their pets shouldn’t let them sit on their lap while driving.

“Let the pig lay in the back or put the pig in the passenger seat, whatever. Don’t drive with a pig in your lap, either,” Foster said.

Now that is definitely something you don’t see every day!


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