Lucille Ball’s Great-Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like The Legendary Actress

It’s been nearly thirty years since Lucille Ball passed away, but she is still dearly missed by millions of fans all over the world. Now, photos of Ball’s great-granddaughter are going viral, with many saying that she looks just like the legendary star.

Best known for her sitcom “I Love Lucy,” Ball had a career that spanned decades and saw her star in over 70 movies. Sadly, Ball died on April 26, 1989, at the age of 77 from an acute aortic aneurysm, but she lives on to this day through her great-granddaughter Desiree Anzalone, who looks exactly like her.


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Ball’s son Desi Jr. fathered Desiree’s mother Julia during a relationship he had with a model when he was just 15-years-old. Julia and her father did not meet for years until they were finally reunited in the 1990s. By then, Ball had tragically passed away, so Julia never got to meet her grandmother.

“RIP to my beautiful grandmother~ This was a very difficult day for me to have to find out through the news,” Julia wrote in a Facebook post. “I was very pregnant with my daughter Desido and I remember just falling to my knees knowing I’d never get the chance to ever met my G-ma- in this lifetime. I would have loved the chance to love Lucy to.”

Julia even named her daughter in honor of Ball, whose middle name was Desiree.

Desiree is turning 30 this year, and she currently works as a photographer in Texas. When she was only 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she was able to fight through and beat the disease. It seems Desiree has the same fighting spirit of her famous great-grandmother.


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Find out more about this amazing young woman in the video below!


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