Here Are The Two Women Who Warned TV Host Deborah Norville About Lump In Her Neck

Two very observant television viewers may have just saved Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville’s life after they noticed a strange lump in her neck.

Anita Koszyk, a retired special education teacher, was watching television recently when she noticed a lump on Norville’s neck. Alarm bells immediately went off on Koszyk’s head, as she feared the lump might be be something malign. Koszyk had just had surgery to remove part of her own thyroid after her doctor noticed something similar, so she knew a thing or two about this.

“After the surgery I became a little more aware of people’s neck characteristics and I noticed when I was watching Deborah Norville on TV, I saw that she seemed to have a nodule on her neck,” said Koszyk, who was living in Chicago at the time but now lives in South Carolina. “I reached out to her … I said maybe she wanted to have that checked out.”

The other viewer to notice the lump was Gwen MacDonald, a retired nurse from Los Angeles.

“I noticed there was a swelling,” MacDonald explained. “It just didn’t look right.”

Norville is now feeling extremely grateful to both women, as she just underwent surgery to have a cancerous thyroid nodule removed and is recovering well.  She had gone to the doctor immediately after Koszyk and MacDonald contacted her, and though it was nothing at the time, she continued to get it checked.

“For years, it was nothing. Until recently. It was something,” Norville said. “The doctor says it’s a very localized form of cancer. … There will be no chemo, I’m told no radiation, but I will have surgery and I’ll be away for a bit.”

“I have always been hugely grateful to those folks who took the time to do so simply because they were good people who cared,” the television personality added.

Koszyk and MacDonald were just glad that they could help someone out.

“It makes me feel like maybe I did a good deed,” Koszyk said, before urging others in similar situations to get checked out. “If people have any concerns, if they see any irregularities in their neck, they should see their doctors.”

“If you suspect something, don’t be afraid. Go have it checked,” MacDonald added.

When asked if she had a message for Norville, Koszyk simply said, “Hugs to you, please let us know how you’re doing. There’s so many people who really care about you, Deborah.”

Please keep Deborah Norville in your thoughts and prayers! Find out more about this incredible story in the video below.


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