Heartbreaking True Story Behind Book We All Read As Kids

Robert Munsch wrote many of the children’s books that millions of us enjoyed as kids. Throughout his writing career, Munsch has been known for taking even the simplest of things and turning it into a great story that kids everywhere will love.

One of Munsch’s most popular books has always been “Love You Forever,” a story that could make anyone cry.

The book tells the simple story of a mother’s love for her son, who she sings a special song to each day.

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be

It’s just been revealed that the reason why this song and story is so emotional is because it’s based on a heartbreaking event from Munsch’s own life. While the song is known for being sweet, it actually upset the author for quite some time.

“For a long time I had it in my head and I couldn’t even sing it because every time I tried to sing it I cried,” Munsch explained. “I made that up after my wife and I had two babies born dead. The song was my song to my dead babies.”

Munsch also said that the sales of the book were initially very surprising.

“One day the publisher called up and said ‘This is very strange. It is selling very well in retirement communities in Arizona. It is selling in retirement communities where kids are illegal. This is supposed to be a children’s book. What is going on?'” Munsch recalled.

It was only then that Munsch realized that adults were buying the book for each other.

“Parents buy it for grandparents and grandparents buy it for parents and kids buy it for everybody and everybody buys it for kids,” he said.

We applaud Munsch for using his own heartbreaking story to create a book that has inspired millions to express their love for each other!


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