Harrowing Moment Police Officers Save 21 Day-Old Baby From Choking

A harrowing video is going viral this week showing the moment a group of police officers save the life of a 21 day-old baby who was choking as his terrified parents looked on.

The video was captured in the city of Marilia in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it opens with the parents rushing into the police station with their son who was choking on milk and had lost consciousness. The father can be seen handing the baby, whose name is Luis Henrique, over to cops in the hopes that they can save him. By that point, Luis’ face had already turned blue.

Officers Renato Taroco and Robson Thiago de Souza immediately began performing CPR on the baby, with one of them giving him a kiss while the other pressed on his chest. They kept checking his airways as his panicked parents looked on helplessly.

Finally, Luis regurgitated the milk thanks to the efforts of the officers and started breathing normally again.

“When we saw the baby’s situation and the parents’ desperation, we became automatic, we didn’t think about anything and we just did what had to be done,” Renato said. “It was emotional when we felt the baby come back to life.”

Luis, who is the couples’ only child, was then rushed to the local hospital, and police say that he is out of danger and doing “well.” Thank God these officers were able to think fast and save this baby boy’s life!

Check out the heart pounding video for yourself below.


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