Harrowing Moment California Woman Confronts Female Package Thief As She Tries To Steal Box From Her Mailbox

As online shopping has become more and more popular in the world, there has also been an unfortunate rise in package stealing, with thieves stealing packages right from strangers’ mailboxes. Now, one California woman has had enough.

Last Thursday, Shirah Booker looked out her window at her Long Beach home to see a woman rifling through her mail, and she immediately ran outside to confront her. The resulting confrontation was captured by Shirah’s home surveillance camera, and it quickly went viral after being posted to social media over the weekend.

The video shows the thief brazenly walking up to Shirah’s front door and opening the mailbox. Just when the thief finds a package, Shirah opens her door and grabs it back from her as she says, “What are you doing, don’t you ever come back to my home, now get gone.”

Shirah then continues to stand outside and wait to ensure that the woman does not try to steal any of her neighbors’ mail. The thief kept insisting that she did nothing and would not come back to the neighborhood to steal again.

“You may wanna think twice about stealing from my house,” Shirah wrote on Facebook alongside the video. “Just FYI I see everything! Someone’s always watching.”

Shirah later added that she did not think twice about protecting her home.

“She picked the wrong day and the wrong envelope to try and snatch up,” she said. “It’s broad daylight you think this kind of stuff happens later at night when no one can see you she got really ballsy. Sometimes you have to get Rice Crispy and snap crackle and pop and that’s what needed to happen.”

“Enough is enough stop stealing our stuff we work hard, go get your own stamp go get your own envelopes,” Shirah continued. “You’re not coming around here doing this in this neighborhood, so hopefully she go back to her little friends stay off in main avenue because that is not how we get down in Long Beach.”

Police say that no arrests have been made at this time. Check out the video for yourself below.


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