Grandma Becomes Viral Sensation After She’s Pictured Sitting Inside Doggy Fence While Recovering From Surgery

A grandmother has found herself becoming a viral sensation after she was pictured sitting inside a doggy cage while recovering from surgery.

Katherine Oberg, 28, of Seattle, Washington posted the image on Twitter, saying that her Grandma Dorothy recently had surgery and her family was worried that their pet dogs might get rowdy and disturb her stitches. Instead of locking the dogs inside the doggy fence, the family decided to confine Dorothy inside the cage.

“My grandma is recovering at my parents’ place after almost a month of post-op recovery in the hospital,” Katherine wrote. “Our dogs cannot be trusted around her still-healing stitches… thus, a solution manifests.”

The photo shows Dorothy talking on the phone in the cage with her walker beside her. Social media users just can’t get enough of the hilarious photo!

“This is one of the best and most relatable pet-centric posts I’ve ever seen,” one social media user wrote, while another added, “Cracking up that grandma gets the hard chair & the pups get the couch. Get well soon!”

“Well, now I’m in stitches,” a third user wrote, with a fourth posting, “You put Granny in a cage!”

Katherine made sure to add that Dorothy is doing just fine.

“Don’t worry, we made sure she was cozy,” she wrote, adding that the family’s two dogs are usually the ones being contained.

“We usually keep them in the kitchen behind a baby gate, but they love their grandma too, and wanted to investigate!” Katherine wrote. “This was the best way to keep her cozy, let the dogs get some roaming time, and keep her safe.”


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