Good Samaritan Is Killed As She Tries To Help Man In Wheelchair

A Good Samaritan was killed this week as she tried to help a man in a wheelchair.

Lesha Adams, 55, was driving home from dinner with her two young daughters at around 9:30 last Saturday night when she saw a man in a wheelchair trying to cross the street near a Kroger supermarket.

“We almost hit that guy, girls!” she told her daughters Olivia and Ava Adams-Marsh, who are 13 and 11 respectively. “I have to help him. Stay put.”

Lesha got out of her car and began pushing the wheelchair carrying 63-year-old Jesus Perez across four lanes of traffic to a nearby bus stop, where he planned to hop on a ride home after shopping. As she pushed him, a woman driving a Chevrolet Cruze at about 35 mph plowed into the pair, killing them both instantly.

In the days since their deaths, their respective families have had a very difficult time dealing with the tragedy.

“We’re having a really, really hard time that our light has been taken out,” Stefanie Marsh said of Lesha, her late wife. “There’s not very many people that create that kind of life, that light.”

Lesha’s family remembers her as a happy person who loved to help people.

“She liked to make people laugh more than anything,” said her mother Ruth. “She wanted people to be happy.”

“She was a nightingale,” added her niece. “She didn’t even kill a bug. She was the most compassionate, big-hearted person her entire life.”

Jesus is also being mourned by his loved ones.

“Jesse always had a big smile for everybody and a big heart,” said said his brother Dennis Perez, referring to Jesus by his nickname. “He was willing to help you any way he could.”

Dennis’ wife added that anything Jesus had, “he would offer to you first.”

“I don’t care if it’s his last dollar, he’d open his wallet and say, ‘Here, take it,’” she said.

When the families of the victims met one another, they were comforted by the fact that both Lesha and Jesus were happy in their final moments.

“Be assured that Lesha and Jesse were laughing all the way,”one of them said, “and became instant friends until the end.”


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