Father Transforms Board Games Into Bed Sheets So Sick Kids In Hospital Beds Can Play

Kevin Gatlin is a father and entrepreneur from Charlotte, North Carolina who remembers how boring hospital rooms were for him as a child. To make sure that no other kid has to go through this same type of boredom, Kevin has come up with a new idea to keep sick kids entertained from their hospital beds.

Kevin is the founder of Playtime Edventures, an interactive set of bed sheets that feature dozens of games and lessons for children who are confined to their hospital beds. Kevin first came up with this idea when he was visiting his friend’s hospitalized child several years ago. He then remembered that his wife had always played games on his son’s bed in order to help him fall asleep.

Over the course of the next two years, Kevin tirelessly worked to develop the sheets so that children could be entertained from the comfort of their own bed. To make the sheets more educational, Kevin even enlisted the help of school teachers.

“We put together bedsheets and slumber bags that cover everything from geography, math, science, grammar, word find games… all on a three-piece set,” Kevin explained.

These days, the sheets are being used at at least ten hospitals around the country. Since customers can donate the bed sheets to their local hospitals, however, this number could actually be higher than that.

While these bed sheets are available for parents to buy for their children at home, Kevin is hoping that they will mostly be used in hospitals so that the sick children there can be entertained. Find out more about this in the video below!


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