Father Gives Blind Daughter Her First Easter Egg Hunt Ever

Many are calling David Hyche the “world’s best dad” after what he just did for his blind young daughter.

David’s daughter Rachel was only four months-old when she lost her eyesight completely. David was completely devastated to learn this, as he feared that his daughter would never have a “normal” independent life. In the years since then, however, Rachel has been proving him wrong in a big way. She was already telling her dad that she could do things herself when she was 18 months-old, and she’s kept this attitude up since then.

During a recent Easter egg hunt at church, Rachel found herself getting frustrated because she did not want people to do things like lead her to an egg or put a hand on her and say that she’d “found” it.

David wanted to give his daughter the Easter egg hunt experience that she wanted, so he found a man who makes beeping eggs. An independent person himself, David decided to tweak the man’s ideas to develop a beeping egg of his own.

After using various batteries, switches and beepers to develop his eggs, David showed them off at a convention for bomb technicians, where they were very popular. They have since started The Rachel Project, and each year, bomb technicians from the military and law enforcement come together to build beeping eggs for children with visual impairments.

The eggs that they make are then donated to schools for visually impaired children so that the kids there can participate in Easter egg hunts as well. Rachel loves the beeping eggs her dad made, and she could not be more proud of him! In turn, David continues to be proud of his daughter for the barriers she breaks down each day.

Find out more about this story in the video below.


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