Scientists are now saying that waking up to a pop song by groups like The Beach Boys or The Cure can help to stop drowsiness.

Researchers found that waking up to melodic songs like The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” and The Cure’s “Close to Me” can help you to feel less groggy in the morning. This is a very good thing, because grogginess in the first hour or two after waking up can lead to confusion, clumsiness and sluggish brain performance.

Scientists in Australia looked at the way that 50 people woke up each morning at home and the impact this had on their mental performance in the hours after getting out of bed. They ended up concluding that those who awoke listening to melodic music suffered lower levels of sleep inertia compared to those who woke up to a classical beeping alarm sound.

“When they wake up, people experiencing sleep inertia may show signs of reduced alertness and reduced cognition, manifesting in inadvertent mistakes. Sleep inertia can last for seconds, minutes or hours after waking,” said Stuart McFarlane, the lead author of the study at RMIT University. “Research suggests that ‘difficulty in waking up’ is a common experience. It’s one that many of us share.”

“A sound that is perceived as melodic, produces less sleep inertia in comparison to a sound considered to be neutral,” researchers added the study.

Researchers are hoping that the results of study will lead to designing new types of alarm for waking people up in the morning without causing sleep inertia.

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