Dog Gives Owner Hilarious Side Eye Look At Vet’s Office

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of the incredible amount of love and loyalty they show to humans. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows just how funny their antics can be, which is what makes them so fun to be around.

In the video below this story, you’ll see a dog give his owner some hilarious facial expressions when he is being picked up from the veterinarian’s office.

It’s not clear just how long the dog has been at the vet’s office, but one thing is for sure: his reaction to being picked up could not be any cuter!

At first, it looks like the dog is giving the usual curious look that canines give their owners when they are doing something they don’t understand. The dog quickly shifts to giving a variety of facial expressions, from curious to confused, to straight-faced and suspicious, each one being more hilarious than the other!

Out of all of the facial expressions the dog displays, the best one is definitely his side eye. How can you not question your actions when your dog gives you this look?!

Social media users can’t get enough of the video below, as it has been viewed nearly two million times!

“Notice how he was ALREADY up at the window on watch WAITING for him to come. He is pissed x 1000. I’m scared for you. Lol,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “That’s not staring, that’s straight up burning holes into your soul.”

Check out the video for yourself below!


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