Cop Calls In Backup After Learning Nobody Showed Up For Bullied Boy’s Birthday Party

A police officer is being hailed as a hero after he went above and beyond to help a bullied boy have a great birthday.

It all started when 9 year-old Thomas Daniel was running to catch the school bus one morning. Officer Austin Lynema spotted the frantic child and asked him if he was alright, to which Thomas responded that his mother did not have a car to take him to school, so he absolutely needed to catch the bus. Austin then called up the boy’s mother and got her permission to drive Thomas to school, so off the two went.

As they drove, Thomas explained that it was his ninth birthday, and he then invited the officer to his party, which was set to take place after school that day. That’s when the conversation took a sad turn, as Thomas admitted to the police officer that he has been bullied by his classmates, and he was not sure if anyone would actually come to his party.

As Austin dropped Thomas off at school, he promised that he would attend his party that night. When he arrived at the party later that day, Thomas was heartbroken to find that the only kids there were Thomas’ siblings, and none of his classmates had showed up. Sadly, the little boy did not even have a birthday cake to celebrate his big day.

The next day, Thomas was stunned when Austin showed up at his home again, and this time he did not come alone. Check out the video below to see the surprise that Austin had in store for his new little friend!


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